I can't stop laughing at this.

  • Question: I just caught my brother spreading fake money around our cat and making him pole dance against the legs of a chair in the dining room when he thought no one was looking... What is the strangest thing you have ever walked in on your siblings doing?
  • Reply: Not me but a friend of mine. We were in 7th grade and my friend, Jon, gave me a tape to make a copy of my Greenday Dookie CD. Well, the tape looks a little beat up so I put it in and play it for a bit. Turns out there was something on it so I listen.
  • "Dooo dooo dooo, Welcome to the News! This is Chris! (Jon's younger brother) Well today the Yankees won the baseball game and I had no homework! The weather was nice!" {You hear the sound of a door opening}
  • Jon: "What the hell are you doing man!"
  • Chris: "Im doing the news!"
  • Jon: "But they the hell are you naked?"
  • Chris: "Its my room too! I can be naked if I want too!!! ITS THE NAKED NEWS!!!!"
  • Jon: "GET OFF MY BED!!!!"
  • The tape cut out there.

if you play tasha baxter’s ebb and flow vocals backwards at ~82 bpm

it sounds like she’s trying to cast a spell on you

in russian.